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Season Low
Jan 2 - March 15
Nov 1 - Dec 16
March 16 - June 15
Sept 16 - Oct 31
June 16 - Sept 15
Dec 17 - Jan 1
Basic Camping N/A $18-20 $18-20
Tipi N/A N/A from $25
RV Camping N/A $25 to $29 $25 to $29
Showers n/a $2.50 - $3 $2.50 - $3

Camping Rates:

Basic:  $18 for a single camping unit, for 2 or 3 adults, plus children, no services.   A camping unit is a tent, hammock, vehicle or camper.  The maximum #adults is 3 per unit; $3 per adult after the first 3 adults.  Maximum total people in one site is 8.

If two or more camping units share a site, for example two tents or a camper plus a tent, the regular price for first unit ($18), $10 for second (maximum two per site).  If you want some minor power, and have your own extension cord, you may add $2 for that. If you have a camper and don't need power, but want water in your tank, add $4 for a small fill-up.


20 or 30 Amp Service sites, with water:  $25

50 Amp Service, with water: $29

Maximum 3 adults per unit, after that $4 per adult

If you put up a sleeping tent at the same site, a charge of $15 per night will apply. 

Dogs (must be on leash and quiet) $2

No sewer hookups, or dumping facilities; nearest one is in Slocan, 19 km away.

All camping rates are subject to GST.

Tipi:  $25/person (hostel style) or $60 for a family (with privacy).  Bring your own bedding.  Tipi is only up in good, warm weather, and is not recommended when it rains heavily.  If you need a cot(s) and bedding, this can be arranged in advance, and is additional.


Spa Facilities


Hot Tub Included if staying in cottage; $7 per person if camping or a guest not registered here- includes shower
Sauna Minimum $15 + $3 per person (often not available in summer, or during a fire ban)
Other Reiki, massage, bodywork, etc from $49/hour



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Disclaimer: Prices are subject to Change without Notice